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First Week of the New Semester

Hello Everyone! I hope you all had a great week. This week I began the new semester and it has already been amazing. I am continuing my spoken Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) language, and Model United Nations classes. In addition, I am taking two more classes titled “Israel Jewish Redemption or National Demise” and “Cyberspace, Terrorism, and Counterterrorism.” My first class for the Israel Jewish Redemption or National Demise was very interesting. My professor began the class by explaining where the original concept of Israel emerged and tied into the modern national understanding of Israel today. I am looking forward to seeing the direction this class will take and will be sure to update you all along with me. My cyberspace, terrorism, and counterterrorism class were also interesting. We discussed a range of different topics including white hat hackers, the Ashley Madison cyber incident, the concept of cyberspace, and where international law falls short in defining and countering cyberterrorism. My MSA Arabic class this semester is much more difficult than it was last semester because we are covering higher-level grammar and vocabulary. Although, this is challenging I am up to the task and not afraid to put in the work needed to be successful in this course.

My favorite class is my spoken Arabic language class because I can take everything I learn and apply it to the world around me as soon as I leave the class. Also, I am making note cards of all the vocabulary from the book to expand my vernacular. There is also a new cohort of international students and they are kind and I have become good friends with some of them. Moreover, I booked a flight to visit Tbilisi, Georgia in 2 weeks for a weekend with my friend Theo from the international school. I am excited about this trip and am grateful for the many opportunities that I have had to travel to all of the new places I have been able to see. In good news, I received my official grades for my fall 2019 semester abroad and I received straight A’s for the 18 credits of classes that I took. I can’t wait to write to you all next week. I hope you all have a great week!

Haifa, Israel

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